Arrow Q4 Software Incentive

The Following are not eligible for nominations

  • GOE (IBM designated “Government Owned Entities” are not eligible.  IBM reserves the right to make a final GE/Non-GE determination.)
  • SaaS, Fixed Term and Monthly Term Transactions
  • Trade Up Transactions
  • S&S Renewals and Reinstatement Transactions
  • ESA Transactions
  • Subscription License Transactions will only be paid on Years 1 & 2

This promotion can be stacked with Eco Ascent but cannot be stacked with other software promotions.

For assistance filling out the form please contact your Arrow Channel Manager.

  • Eligible New License deal size for US Transactions: $25k-$1M, Canada: $15k-$1M. Must be New License ONLY. Both New License and SaaS part numbers start with “D” however ONLY perpetual licenses are eligible.
  • Max. file size: 1 MB.