Join us Thursday, December 15th to learn why storage is a prime target for cyberattacks – and the critical steps to close that gap.

What You Will Learn:

  • How attackers are slipping past even the best security protocols
  • Why storage and backup systems are the last line of defense
  • How to plug gaps in storage security that are putting organizations at risk
  • How faster detection + immutable data storage is the key to rapid recovery

Who Should Attend:

  • IT leaders responsible for Cybersecurity
  • IT Leaders responsible for Storage
  • IT Leader responsible for IT Operations

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    About Our Speaker

    Tony Owens

    Tony Owens

    Storage Solutions Architect
    Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW)

    For over 20 years, Tony Owens has been a recognized leader in the Storage and IT space.  His broad knowledge of storage solutions and technology has served countless Fortune 500 organizations.

    Tony is passionate about technology and storage and is driven by a desire to help customers achieve success with the right solution.   In each of his presentations, Tony brings the topic of storage to life with deep insight into considerations needed for optimizing data security.  His extensive experience extends from mainframes to today’s sophisticated storage solutions.

    Tony’s specialties cover storage, software-defined and hybrid multi-cloud.  He has 48 professional certifications and badges with IBM, as well as additional certifications with AWS, Google, and other software vendors.