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Last updated June 08, 2021


In order to qualify for this offer, you must:

  • Submit only one request for the offer per person, per promotion.
  • Be currently employed by the company receiving the offer.
  • $50 Amazon Gift Card offer limited to the first 50 survey respondents
  • Be an employee of an organization with a minimum revenue of $250M.
  • Be a decision-maker or strong influencer for IT purchases at your company (title of IT Director or higher)
  • Provide a business email address.  Personal email addresses (addresses with,, etc. will disqualify a submission)
  • Be a current resident of the United States.
  • Accept a brief phone call from an Alchemy Technology Resource representative to verify your contact information so that we may process your gift card.
  • Eligibility limited to one survey from Alchemy Technology Resource per every 30 days.
  • The $50 Amazon gift card upgrade option (to bring the total incentive to $200) is for scheduling a 30-minute phone call with a representative from the IT brand sponsor of the online survey.


  • The promotional incentive for eligible responders will be processed within 30 days of completion of a validation conversation with one of our fulfillment associates. If an appointment was scheduled, the promotional incentive will be processed and emailed to the responder typically within one (1) day of the completion of the scheduled appointment.