Intelligent Real Estate for Government Peer Roundtable

Federal Real Estate Portfolios are undergoing a seismic shift, driven by new and emerging trends. From workplaces to buildings to portfolios, you face more complex and fluid changes. Join your peers on Thursday, October 20th for an interactive half-day leadership summit to learn how other federal government real estate leaders are successfully driving agility and innovation across their platforms and systems, data and metrics, and organizations to enact meaningful change.

We will discuss key trends and challenges that are changing the way federal organizations are adapting their real estate portfolio and operation.

Learn how to:

  • Accurately measure workplace utilization to reinvent space and adapt portfolios
  • Utilize IOT and AI to automate processes to improve efficiency and costs, with fewer resources
  • Achieve operational efficiency across your people, places and technologies
  • Better understand how to achieve a faster path to accomplishing your real estate data and Business Intelligence goals.

Details Agenda Coming Soon

*RSVP Required. Breakfast, lunch and beverages will be served.
*At the event, contributions for food and beverage will be accepted as required by federal employee policy.

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