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Military-Grade Cyberattacks On The Rise

How Prepared Is Your Business?

Lunch Seminar – Learn The Strategy for Rapid Recovery

Current military-grade attacks are pushing existing cyber defenses to their limits.

Designed to penetrate the most hardened defenses, these attacks perform destructive operations against data, applications, and physical infrastructure.

These types of attacks are ramping up. And your system has never been tested for this style of cyberwarfare.


Please join us for a special lunch seminar to learn how to drastically speed recovery time - to minutes or hours instead of weeks - and significantly reduce the financial impact of a cyberattack.

Our expert speakers will share powerful insights including:

  • What a hacker is doing just before the event
  • How to rapidly detect breaches
  • How to identify blind spots
  • How sharply rising cyber insurance deductibles will impact your organization
  • How to speed recovery with air gapping and intelligent security

The Speakers


Frank Welder

Frank Welder

Technical Solutions Architect
Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW)

Frank Welder is a well-respected security expert who has been fighting cybercrime since the 1990s.

As a speaker, Frank is professional and dynamic. His presentations are full of energy and excitement as he shares exceptional insight into the mind and actions of a hacker. Frank is able to bring you through the anatomy of a cyberattack while keeping you on the edge of your seat. Audiences give Frank high marks for eye-opening facts and useful advice for protecting against new and emerging threats.

Frank holds a MS degree in Information and Communications Sciences and a BS degree is Telecommunications from Ball State University. He has 25 professional licenses and certificates.

Tony Owens

Tony Owens

Storage Solutions Architect
Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW)

For over 20 years, Tony Owens has been a recognized leader in the Storage and IT space.  His broad knowledge of storage solutions and technology has served countless Fortune 500 organizations.

Tony is passionate about technology and storage and is driven by a desire to help customers achieve success with the right solution.   In each of his presentations, Tony brings the topic of storage to life with deep insight into considerations needed for optimizing data security.  His extensive experience extends from mainframes to today’s sophisticated storage solutions.

Tony’s specialties cover storage, software-defined and hybrid multi-cloud.  He has 48 professional certifications and badges with IBM, as well as additional certifications with AWS, Google, and other software vendors.

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San Diego, CA

September 22, 2022

Jersey City, NJ

October 20, 2022

The Agenda

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1:45 PM  - Q&A SESSION


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